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    If you love fishing the Great Sandy Strait is the perfect place for you. As one of Australia's best kept fishing secrets, enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels will have a fantastic time. 

    The Great Sandy Biosphere

    Great Sandy Biosphere was officially announced in May 2009. This area holds:

    • 40% of world's perched lakes
    • The majority of the world's complex rainforests growing on sand
    • The largest unconsolidated coastal sand mass in the world
    • Unique sub-tropical patterned fens (swamps) – the only ones in the world containing vertebrate life forms

    The Great Sandy Biosphere is part of a bio-geographic overlap known as McPherson-McLeay Overlap. This area has a concentration of endangered species, including significant populations of species that exist only in Australia. This biosphere hosts fish, frogs and invertebrates that have adapted to living in acidic conditions. It also serves as a major transitory point for humpback whales and is recognised as a popular feeding and roosting location for migratory birds. The Great Sandy Biosphere supports highly significant dugong populations and sea-grass beds, in addition to being a major breeding site for oceanic turtles in the Pacific Ocean.

    What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our affordable boat rental and experience the wonder of Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Biosphere yourself!

    Wildlife and marine life frequently spotted in this area include:

    • Dingos
    • Dugongs
    • Fish
    • Dolphins
    • Turtles

    Birdwatcher’s paradise

    An incredible 806 square kilometres of the Sandy Strait have been identified as an important bird area by BirdLife International, as this area supports about 120,000 non-breeding waders. 

    This includes small numbers of the range-restricted Mangrove Honeyeater and more than 1% of the global populations of the following:

    • Fish
    • Dolphins
    • Turtles
    • Bar-tailed Godwits
    • Eastern Curlews
    • Great Knots
    • Grey-tailed Tattlers
    • Lesser Sand Plovers
    • Pied Oystercatchers
    • Red-necked Stints
    • Red-capped Plovers

    Whether you’re an animal enthusiast, a keen photographer or simply someone who enjoys beautiful scenery and stunning natural landscapes, the Great Sandy Biosphere is a jewel in Australia’s crown. When you rent one of our houseboats, you can immerse yourself in your surroundings, and drink everything in.

    Call us today on 07 5486 3146 for more information about our boat rental services in Rainbow Beach. 
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